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I am also chairman of the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee and produce the weekly HF propagation report for GB2RS.

When not playing radio I'm a professional journalist specialising in aerospace, science and technology and am also author of four RSGB books.

This is where I publish a lot of my features and thoughts on HF propagation, antennas and other ham radio topics.

I write for a number of radio magazines, including the RSGB's Rad Com and ARRL's QST.

number of hours of daylight], and (less obviously) the position within a somewhat-variable approximately 11-year cycle of sunspot activity.

Because the charged solar particles are partially deflected and steered by the earth's magnetic field, the level of ionization (and therefore HF propagation) varies with latitude.

It will be under the control of the SKCC group and therefore has a new link: Novice Rig Roundup: This was my first time participating in the NRR. Also made me realize how much better the Flex is then my old novice rig. Beyond that, things like solar weather can make a big difference.I tend to use VOAProp for predicting when and on what band I can best make a contact.The ARRL also publishes propagation charts that show the best time of day.Their November 2013 chart shows that the best time is between 16 UTC, which is noon to 8 PM.

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