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The easiest way to integrate Stripe is via Checkout, an embedded tool that takes care of building an HTML form, validating user input, and securing your customers' card data.

Using Checkout, sensitive credit card information is sent directly to Stripe, and does not touch your server.

Stripe returns to your site a representation of the card, and this token can then be used in a charge request. For a more custom approach, you can create your own payment form using Elements.

Unlike credit card numbers, ABA routing numbers are always nine digits long.“I see these ‘double jeopardy’ tradelines all the time,” says Michael Bovee, founder of the Consumer Recovery Network.He goes on to explain how it works: You fall behind on an account and your creditor charges off your account.It’s bad enough when you can’t pay a debt and you know that it’s going to damage your credit for years to come.But what about when a single debt multiplies, turning into two, three or even more negative items on your credit reports?

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