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This stuff is applicable to all Stanley bench planes, and comes from my observances of literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these planes.

I suspect that these planes, based on the ones I own or have seen offered for sale, they were originally purchased in department stores for Father’s Day gifts by well-meaning family…and put away and forgotten. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." I'm Poopiekat!! but just for fun and even though they may not easily make silky smooth shavings, they are part of the tool history. -- Collecting is an investment in the past, and the future. My very first hand plane was a Handyman,bought it from ebay but while I was waiting for it to to be shipped I did a google search on it and boy ,everyone gave it a thumbs down,it felt like I couldn’t have bought a worse plane so when I received it I just put it away ,later on I bought a couple of decent Canadian /US made planes and compared them to the old HANDYMAN,then I realised why it was inferior ,it weighed less ,looked rough and crude .

I compiled this short list after some hours poring over the details in Walter, which can be confusing at first. Type 14 l929-30 Front casting: Bailey at top, Around the knob is NO -- 4, at toe MADE IN USA.

Type 1-4 are Collectors' items and will probably not be used on the bench because of value. These are in the "Prelateral Class", identified initially by the lack of the lateral adjustment lever. Type 15 l931-2 On bed behind frog MADE IN USA Type 16 l933-41 STANLEY on blade with square cutout logo.

For users, the lateral adjustment is essential of course.

(Users will find two essential things, the Lateral Lever and the Frog Adjustment Screw on Type 10 l907-09 and later, but check newer looking planes (WWII Type 17 ) to be sure they have the Frog adj. ) Type 5 l885-8 First appearance of the letters "NO 4" on toe, letters close together.

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