Dating start with goal setting

Love is fickle and unpredictable and whoever she falls in love with determines the rest of her life.Which is to say that you cannot overstate the impact your mate has on your life.Don't wait, get going living your best love life now! Be very specific and focus on what you need to be happy, feel satisfied and to be truly connected to another human being.Rank the list in order of importance—rank things that are "non-negotiable" at the top and those that are of lesser importance below. Then, while looking at the list and ask yourself, "Why is this important to me? Does it make you feel good, or is it associated with something hurtful or undesirable from the past?If your goal is to become an account director within the next five years, where do you start your planning process?

(I know I’ve committed this error many times myself.) The problem is this: we set a deadline, but not a schedule.However, there's another simple but lesser-used method of goal setting that can be equally as powerful.It's called backward planning, backward goal-setting, or backward design, and it's used quite often in education and training.The practice of goal-setting is not just helpful; it is a prerequisite for happiness.Psychologists tell us that people who make consistent progress toward meaningful goals live happier more satisfied lives than those who don’t.

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