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saying, "To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. There are about a thousand ways to say, "Man I'd like to lick your face but I have to be more coy right now," on e-mail. But remember, the point of flirting is to be a little transparent.“I think that the idea of nudity being accepted on a mainstream level…could be a reflection of Americans’ voracious appetite for [sexual content].” Mc Cormick said he suspects the acceptance of these shows relates to Americans’ tendency to seek out sexually explicit content.Today’s runway brides aren’t saving it for the honeymoon.

On Thursday, VH1’s “Dating Naked” will hit the airwaves.Like, "Check out my new glasses," or "Do I look tired," or "Don't I look good wearing nothing but a riding crop between my teeth." (Kidding.) But make sure you look good."Settle a dispute for me; there's an argument raging in my office about men's favorite porn genre, what do you think it is?" Or it can be a dispute about the best method of doing whatever sexual act."Hello, it's your naughty little girl." "Love Card from Your Girl Friend." These are just two subject lines — and by far the most timid and printable ones — of a new adult dating site malware campaign hitting email inboxes, the security firm Sophos reported. Come and take me." Supporting the racy subject lines in each email are photos of young women in their 20s, and a fake profile of the woman's age, name and what she's seeking.The emails come from sites such as and and entice recipients with sexual messages such as, "I was photographed for you. Several of the scam emails say the girl is seeking a male, age 21 to 99.

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