Collapsiblepanelextender prevents updating

NET-based The article assumes a familiarity with C#, as well as with using Visual Studio. NET AJAX extension library, Asynchronies Post back, ADO.

Adapting our components to accommodate most of the changes on that list was trivial, often just a matter of Find and Replace.The v0 features that were dropped were ones we had never used (multiple shadow roots, shadow-piercing CSS combinators) or had avoided (), so their absence in v1 did not present a problem.One v1 feature that we had heavily lobbied for was the addition of the slotchange event.These two actions can also be triggered from custom Java Script code. Unfortunately, the extender currently does not expose a specific API for collapsing or expanding the panel, but some undocumented methods will do. NET AJAX Toolkit is a new and powerful control in ASP. It is designed for you to develop web applications that are more responsive, faster, and put fewer loads on the network, while using the . NET and HTML would be beneficial but not absolutely necessary to fully understand the content of this article.

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