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What's inside of us that just naturally pulls us toward the negative side of things? What gives those seemingly simple occurrences of everyday life so much power to literally throw us into a tizzy all over again?

This never ending cycle continues because its source is never addressed.

It's not a time for advice or lectures, unless they ask.

Starbucks is a great opportunity for them to feel valued and listened to .

They are still focused on trying to fit in with their peers and to make sense out of life.

But parents can get confused by their changes in attitude and the independence they seek, assuming their teenager is becoming rebellious. sudden profound changes in personality, angry outbursts of profanity, extreme disrespect for people and things, addictions, sudden failing grades, not sleeping or sleeping too much, extreme weight loss, eating disorders, self-harm, running away, or self-imposed isolation. Normal stuff has to do with being distracted, ditsy, trying to fit in, or flapping their wings of independence. Abnormal behavior and true rebellion is represented by a growing darkness, hatred, and anger in their soul, which tends to only get worse over time.

Charity P.'s daughter is developing a "smart mouth" and the attitude to go with it. Moms of yore simply washed their teens' mouths out with a bar of soap.

As the Circle of Moms member describes it, "She is very disrespectful, especially in public and in front of company." Unchecked, the problem is just getting worse and worse. But these days, parents are looking for more relaxed and effective ways to stop this disrespectful behavior.

This information is included in our Guide to Parenting Teens. The teenage years are some of the most difficult to navigate when parenting.We "try hard" to be positive, attempting to over-ride how we truly feel.It's a lot of work pretending to be positive when inside we know all too well that it won't take long before one of those annoying life issues creeps up and dumps all over our positive attitude.But let's be honest, encountering a positive person is a rare occurrence these days. In her typically light-hearted tone, Karen Wolff of shows us how to turn our negative thoughts into positive thinking — permanently — with these positive attitude tips. It doesn't even have to be a major, catastrophic event to send us back to the land of negative thinking.Why is it so much easier to have a negative attitude than a positive one? We buy the tapes, and things seem to go well for awhile. It can be something as simple as someone cutting us off in traffic or pushing ahead of us in the grocery checkout line.

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Negative attitudes come from negative thoughts that come from reactions to negative behavior. We know that none of this negative stuff is coming from God.

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