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She is married to Northern Irish comedian and television personality Patrick Kielty. She left full-time modelling in 1997, following changes in her contract with Storm.She moved on to co-present the MTV chart show, Hitlist UK, with close friend Edith Bowman.Deeley’s husband, comedian Patrick Kielty, will play at the Soccer Aid match on Sunday alongside celebrities such as Jeremy Renner and Dominic Cooper.‘The problem is they get competitive, the testosterone starts flying and everyone thinks they’re a bit younger than they actually are,’ laughs Deeley.‘They have a pint afterwards and it’s all forgotten but the next day, he’ll hardly be able to get up and downstairs.I’ve seen it all before.’ The pair married in 2012 but first met when they presented ill-fated BBC singing show Fame Academy in 2002., the TV presenter, 40, said of motherhood: "It's the best – and hardest – job. I love kids." Cat, who welcomed her son Milo in January 2016, spoke candidly of pregnancy, saying: "I really didn't enjoy being pregnant and mine was easy. " host and her Northern Irish husband Patrick married in 2012.(When it comes to another child) the thing is I'm a worrier. The couple live in Los Angeles, but spend time in London and Belfast depending on work.

The comedian flew to LA to surprise Cat for her 35th birthday, showing up at the restaurant where she was having lunch.“I will help her out and support her totally, but I won’t be a stage dad!The biggest thing I » - Jen Juneau Joey Fatone’s adorable 7-year-old daughter Kloey stole the show on Wednesday’s episode of Big Star Little Star, hilariously dishing on her pop star dad’s most annoying habits, comparing the singer to a big “furry” gorilla and pleading blatant ignorance to *Nsync!Her interviewing obligations are not yet concluded – she’s about to regale me with the details of her recent trip to Serbia on behalf of Unicef.A trip which, unlike her current Irish break, wasn’t a barrel of laughs. ‘I’ve done other things for Unicef but when I’ve gone to India, for example, I’ve met kids who are living in terrible poverty but were with their families – so they’re happy in their day-to-day lives. There were so many other children, he wasn’t picked up all day. ‘They become institutionalised, which then makes it difficult for them to be adopted because they’ve learned the coping mechanisms for living in one of these homes – which then leads to them becoming institutionalised adults.’ Funds from Unicef’s current campaign – which benefits from money raised from this weekend’s Soccer Aid event – goes towards placing these children in foster homes and trying to reduce the numbers placed in state care.

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Cat became the presenter of Stars In Their Eyes from 2003-2006, taking over from Matthew Kelly.

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