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A woman, nice figure and attractive, sat down at the bar two seats down.

We struck up a conversation and I told her of my work in Africa.

And -- (beat) There are 108 stitches in a baseball. ANNIE SLIPS ON THE RED HIGH HEELS -- Smoothing her hands up her calves as she does. The guys are so sweet -- they always stay and listen. ANNIE POSES IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR -- She smoothes her dress along her hips. A comic pitcher's windup full of twists and goofy choreography. Larry examines it as they talk -- And shoves the giant chaw into his mouth. EBBY is a great looking energetic man-child with the endless confidence, naivete and horniness of youth. A YOUNG WOMAN, MILLIE, 20, half nude, is dressing quickly.

For instance -- (beat) There are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary. (beat) Making love is like hitting a baseball -- you just got to relax and concentrate. SHE HOLDS OUR HER LEGS DISPLAYING THE HEELS, side by side. ANNIE The young players start off full of enthusiasm and energy but they don't realize that come July and August when the weather is hot it's hard to perform at your peak level. ANNIE Y'see there's a certain amount of "life-wisdom" I give these boys. Sometimes when I've got a ballplayer alone I'll just read Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman to him. CLOSE ON A BASEBALL CLOWN -- MAX PATKIN, 60, at home plate doing his famous Bill Haley routine. A GROUP OF GROUPIES ENTERS THE PARK -- 20 year old girl/women, dressed in tight pants, tight everything. FIVE PLAYERS' WIVES AND THREE SMALL CHILDREN sit in a special box seat behind a small sign "Players' Wives". LARRY ROLLS SOME RED MAN CHEWING TOBACCO into a slab of pink bubble gum, carefully folding the corners, tucking it neatly together. CLOSE ON A BARE ASS -- Baseball uniform around the ankles, short t-shirt on top, and on top of that the head of EBBY CALVIN LALOOSH, baseball cap on backwards.

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I've written a number of stories that focused on the African continent but this one happened to a woman I met in the states.

The entire shemale star model that joined us is here to spend a good time with each other as well as with their admirers.

We hear a woman's voice in a North Carolina accent.

She chooses a pair of RED HIGH HEELS, with thin straps. (quickly rebounding) But bad trades are part of baseball -- who can forget Frank Robinson or Milt Pappas, for Godsakes! ANNIE STARTS FOR THE DOOR and grabs her baseball glove CUT TO: EXT. MILLIE LOOKS OUT FROM BEHIND A BAT RACK -- Outraged. Don't take it personal but if I catch you in here again you're banned from the ballpark.

ANNIE OPENS A CLOSET DOOR -- Dozens of shoes hang from the door. Jesus, Ebby, this is your professional debut tonight -- you know how many guys out there'd give blood to be in your shoes an' you're leavin' your fastball in the locker room for some piece of ass! SKIP Oh, Millie, jeez, sorry -- I didn't recognize ya.

Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 55 | Tags: blow job cumming milf student shaving gagging tit fucking Helen goes on vacation and learns some new things Helen looked up at the time. "I can help you," she said to the next customer in line. The wooden floor squeaks, as it tends to do when Luke crosses over from hall to kitchen.

As much as she hated this job, she loved the paycheck as well as the room for advancement. He is a massive individual, tall as a doorway, with broad powerful shoulders.

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