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I was on top of the world, with The Bachelor, and I had all this fame, but it was fleeting.

Going through that gauntlet of an experience made me realize what is really important.”During his deployment Andy came off his scripteality romantic high and began to realize that the settling down wasn’t ever going to work for him.

Three months after the episode aired, the happy couple called off the engagement and a few months after that officially ‘broke up’ and Andy was deployed.

“My life really all came to a head when I was on TV.

And yet, the franchise has produced several ultra-gorgeous weddings and many more happily dating or engaged couples.

The official weddings are well known and often televised: Trista and Ryan Sutter, Jason and Molly Mesnick, Sean and Catherine Lowe, and so on.

This is not a story about Andy’s quest to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

1990 - 1996Daniel Baldwin and Elizabeth Baldwin were married for six yeard before they got divorced in 1996.

The couple had one child together, daughter Alexandra, who moved to England with her mother after the divorce.

But never mind discussing toyboys or TV shows, one of the most fascinating things I quickly learn about Elizabeth is that she hasn’t taken a train since around 1985.

It is easy to see why Elizabeth was first choice to play Helena, the fictitious Queen of England: she is probably more regal than many real-life royals.

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